Abba Khotzo Foundation

"Visualising a world of balance and Harmony, where nothing is impossible." "Seeking to inspire, organise and empower those who aim to make a positive difference in the world"


We support schools and clinics in African countries and other charities Internationally


Our latest program launched is to assist children with disabilities in sporting endeavours


Funding comes from both private individuals and corporate buisnesses


The rental from our various properties in South Africa and abroad is used to fund our charities

This is our Mission

AK200 gives back by enriching the lives of children, teens and the aged; through health, education and wellness programs. We contribute to our communities nationally and globally.

Vision Statement

To be active in giving back to communities in which we do buisness.

Provide support to global organisations in the form of donations, volunteerism and mentorship.

Our History

AK200 foundation was originally started in 1977 by like-minded individuals who, at different times, were in involved in the corporate world around the globe. In 1989 it was formalized into a trust by Advocate Johan Swanepoel and the late Henry Kotze. Prior to his passing, Henry Kotze handed the reigns over to his son in 1994. Mark von Kotze shadowed his dad until 2005 when Henry died. Now with some 27 years at the helm, the growth of the trust has gone from strength to strength with Mark and his team building on the original vision of having 200 charities on board.

In 2019 the original trust was renamed as a tribute to Mark’s dad, and founder, Henry Kotze. While working in the shipping industry and mining during the 1950’s to 1980’s, Henry was well respected by the International shipping industry and many African tribes namely Zulu, Swazi, Malawians and Xhosa and one of the nicknames that they gave him was Khotso. Abba, being a common word for father was added, hence he the “Abba Khotso Foundation” was formed.

 everyone can make a difference in helping to achieve justice and equality

Over one billion people in our world live in extreme poverty. In the 21st century, this is simply unacceptable. At the Abba Khotso foundation, we believe that everyone can make a difference in helping to achieve justice and equality, enabling them to reach their full potential in life.

Fundamentally, we understand that education, knowledge and skills are key to changing life opportunities. They are the greatest route to the liberation of talent and potential. Yet those with the fewest resources and chances in life are the 1.5 billion people who live in countries affected by poverty, lack of education and bad health resources. That’s why we believe reconstruction must be a global priority. Good governances, accountability and transparency at all levels of states and society are a prerequisite for sustainable, social and economic development. Without them, poverty leads to corruption and crime, and conflict will prevail. AK200 foundation exists to tackle these challenges, partnering with others to deliver, innovate and create sustainable projects that will positively change the lives of those in some of the worlds poorest.


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Our Awesome Team

The Board is current and are based in London UK & Pretoria South Africa.

Mark von Kotze

CEO, Owner, Chairman & Entrepreneur

Mark was appointed as CEO in 1994 while in business running corporate golf days and golf tours to South Africa. With a Hotel Management and a Chef diploma he has worked extensively in various areas of hotel, resort and club operations and management throughout Africa (Tanzania, Nigeria, DRC, Kenya, Swaziland, South Africa) and the UK. He has also worked on Spa designs such as Tau in South Africa, The Well in Norway, and Kiel Bay in Germany, as well as golf courses in South Africa and a private home golf course. He has lived most of his life Internationally, in Australia, Switzerland, Germany and UK.

His role is to ensure the mission, vision and values of the foundation are met, to prepare long term strategy, set and monitor budgets and business plans while overseeing all staff, financials, admin, charities, properties, projects and managing overall operations.

Carol Bell

Managing Director

Carol, joined the board in 2024 she is currently resides in Hamburg, Germany, but will be moving to the London office at the end of 2024. Carol has an extensive knowledge of the International business world, having worked with some of the biggest corporate players across the globe.  She started his career in banking in Japan, and later moved over to a property investment group, working as Operations Director.

Her role in the foundation is to monitor the operations at our various International offices, liaising with all staff and being the first board point of contact for our current list of charities, offices and projects .

Alex Smuts

Lawyer and  Legal Director

Alex comes from a family of lawyers and engineers that have been involved with international law for most of their lives. Alex qualified as a lawyer in the United Kingdom back in 1999 and worked in London before moving back to South Africa in 2015. Alex has a keen eye for being in the wild with her camera. Lives in Pretoria South Africa.

Bruce Smyth

Financial Director

Bruce is a financial wizard, with a string of degrees in finance, MBA and a lover of money hates to part with it. This is a good factor for a strong organization. Not much of a sports person but plays golf when he has a day off with his 2 sons. Lives in Sandton South Africa.

Diana Frost

International Liaison Director

Diana hails from London and has worked in the hospitality industry for most of her career. Diana will be joining us from February 2022 as the International Liaison Director. With a master’s degree in education and a diploma in social health which fits the profile very well as she will be our eyes for the schools and clinics throughout the global operations.

In her off time, you will find her out on the golf course or spending time with family and friends. Lives in London UK.

Carol-Ann Jones

Property & Rental Director

Carol-Ann is a reliable, hardworking, and extremely ambitious professional with excellent presentation and organisational skills. 12 years’ experience in sales and client liaison within the property and rental sector in London and South Africa along with a proven aptitude for building client relationships and business development was appointed as property and rental director. Point to detail is a strong point in everything she does. Carol-Ann is a keen photographer and enjoys spending time with family on her off time. Lives in the greater London UK.

David van Heerden

Acquisitions Director

David moved to South Africa with his family from Holland in the late 90’s to take over the running of a family construction company after the loss of his father. David is a keen mountain biker and lover camping trips with his family who lives in  Cape Town South Africa.

Cindi de Waal

Charity Director  (non-exec)

Cindi took the jump from the corporate world as a financial director after been with the same company for 13 years and joined us as the Charity Director. She has a great knowledge of international organisations that contribute to NGOs in Africa. Her passion for wildlife and people is a great attribute to being appointed as the charity director to take it to new hights. Cindi loves travel and is a keen golfer. Lives in Pretoria South Africa.

Suzette van der Walt

Sec. PA

Suzette joined us in August 2021 as a legal secretary and non – executive board member. Suzette started studying law at Pretoria University, but due to family issues left and joined a legal firm as a junior receptionist, moving up the channels into the secretary pool and later became an assistant PA to one of the advocates at Swanepoel Inc in Pretoria. Lives in Pretoria South Africa.

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